What’s so great about Spanish Cuisine

The taste of Spanish cuisine is unique and the ingredients which are used for the preparation are those crops that are grown in different regions, there are multiple dishes that are prepared by using the same preparation method that were used hundred years back. The great thing about Spanish cuisine is it has Arabs, European and American influences.
Every region has different dishes that are special and the individuals who go there on a trip or for tour love the Spanish cuisine due to the unique tastes and that it is full of flavor. The freshness of the food available there and the wide variety of seafood dishes make the Spanish cuisine special.

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What’s so great about Spanish Cuisine

Tortilla Espanola is a simple and tasty dish, the ingredients are simple, but the taste is outstanding. The only ingredients that are used for its preparation include potatoes and eggs, but the flavor and fragrance that comes from it after baking makes it impossible to resist. Another dish that contributes in making the Spanish cuisine, great is Paella and it is of 3 types, one type is known as Paella Valenciana, which is prepared by mixing duck and rabbit meat with rice and vegetables are also added in it which not only gives it flavor but also give color to it. The other type is called as Seafood Paella and its preparation requires seafood and seasoning. Paella Mixta is the third type of Paella, which is prepared by mixing the ingredients of the other both types of paella but olive oil and saffron are additional in it. As the availability of the vast variety of seafood dishes make the Spanish cuisine great, one prawn dish that is liked by most of the tourists and the residents is Gambas Ajillo which which requires a few minutes for preparation and simple ingredients that are olive oil and garlic. There is also a wide range of cheese present in Spain that are different because of the flavor as some are strong in flavor while others are light, the 2 types of cheese that are used commonly in the dishes are Manchego and Cabrales. For the individuals who like to eat the parts of the animals that are tasty but mostly people avoid eating, there are many dishes available like “callos” which is made from the stomach lining and “riñones” which is prepared by the kidneys.
Spain is in the list if the top wine producers and it produces a wide range of wines which are grown in almost 57 different areas and total area which is used for planting the grapes for the preparation of high-quality wine is nearly 3 million acres. Every region prepares its own special wine, but the most liked wines are Riojas and Valdepeñas. The beer produced in Spain contains low alcohol content and it is also not expensive, the residents of Spain serve cold beer. There are also some great drinks that are prepared by using the fruits like Agua de Valencia, the oranges that are used in its preparation with vodka and cava are special Valencian oranges that are famous all over the world.